Trumpet Calisthenics for the Modern Improvisor
by Laurie Frink & John McNeil

The first book to deal with
the unique physical demands
of improvising on the trumpet.

As every trumpet player knows, playing an extended solo often results in playing the trumpet less correctly as the solo goes on. Flexus addresses this problem with new and progressively challenging routines and ten specially written études!

To improvise effectively, the physical act of playing needs to be a conditioned reflex.  Freedom of expression is only possible when the physical demands of playing are under control.  To this end, Flexus asks the student to momentarily put aside the study of music itself and instead practice the musical movements involved in playing the instrument.

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What jazz trumpeter Ray Vega recently wrote us (and said in a Down Beat interview):

Flexus is the most important trumpet method book of the new millennium. It stands with Arban, Clarke, Schlossberg, Stamp and Caruso as standard material for any serious student of the trumpet. Thanks to Laurie and John for creating the new standard. By the way, this book has totally changed my playing for the better!

Preliminary studies   Pedal tones
Flexibility   Quick register changes
1 - Basic flexibilities   1 - Consistent intervals
2 - Flexando   2 - Spiders
3 - Advanced flexibilities       Étude 6
4 - Interval studies   3 - Chromatic displacement
    Études 1-3   4 - Target practice
Articulation   5 - Octave displacement
1 - Slurring/tonguing       Études 7-10
    Étude 4    
2 - Developed scale    
Plus a special bonus CD with the authors talking about and playing examples from the book!

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